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CryO2 10 lb. Installation Kit (No Tank)

The foundation to every CryO2 System. Must have this kit to utilize CryO2 components. The kit includes a 5 or 10 pound Coryo2 tank, cryogenic solenoid valve, all necessary fittings, 14 ft. stainless steel hose, full wide open switch, arming switch, and wiring kit. Only one kit is needed to operate all the CryO2 components.

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    DEI CryO2 System FAQ

    What is the CryO2 system?
    It is a system that uses cryogenic technology to cool the air/fuel intake charge to produce a colder denser charge. The CryO2 system uses liquid CO2 delivered through a stainless steel braided hose to a cryogenic solenoid valve and then to the first CryO2 component. From there the system hops from component to component. If a CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer is used it is always positioned as the last in the system because it actually vents the liquid CO2 directly onto the fins of the intercooler.

    Won''t CO2 deprive the engine of Oxygen and stall the engine?
    Yes it will, but CO2 is NOT being introduced into the air stream. We are harnessing the cryogenic power of the CO2 to charge various heat sinks to cool the air and fuel charge. This does bring up an excellent point…when venting the system you need to make certain the air intake is not picking up the venting CO2. The same is true if you''re using the Intercooler Sprayer. Make certain the air intake is away from the intercooler or it could stall the motor. Air Intake Chamber and Fuel Bars come complete with connection/venting hose. This hose either connects to the next component or enables you to decide where you want CO2 to exit.

    How does it work?
    The Air Intake Chamber and the Fuel Bar work on the premise that gases that expand get cold. We have expansion chambers in the various components that allow this freezing to occur. From there they act as heat sinks, actually removing heat from the air and fuel. The Intercooler Sprayer simply vents CO2 on the intercooler fins to enhance the heat transfer.

    Can I use more than one of the same component?
    Yes, we have not found a limit to the number of components that can be charged at one time. To use multiple Intercooler Sprayers a  fitting and additional hoses will be needed. Some of the Turbo crowd has had great success using multiple Air Intake Chambers. Use one before the turbo, one between the turbo and intercooler and one after the intercooler before the throttle body. They can still go to a fuel bar (or two, or three, etc.) and finally to the Intercooler Sprayer.

    Will it fit my car?
    The CryO2 system is designed to be universal in nature. The Air Intake Chamber comes in diameters of 2.5” and 3”OD to match your air intake tube. Reducers or expander sleeves can be purchased to make it fit properly. DEI does offer a CryO2 Intake Bulb along with its connecting threatened legs separately (no hoses included with PN # 080119) for custom applications that are over 3 in diameter. The Fuel Bars simply fits pre-fuel rail with your fuel system attaching anywhere on your fuel line that you are able to fit it. Fuel Bars are available with either -6AN or -10AN sizes. Fuel Bars have 2 female openings in the selected size, one at each end. You will need to buy fuel fittings to complete the installation. There were just too many options and applications to provide fittings for every vehicle on the road. The Intercooler Sprayer is universal; simply find the size that best fits the surface of your intercooler and mount it on.

    What kind of Horsepower does it make?
    That is a tricky question because of the many variables involved in the physics of the system - base horsepower, altitude, ambient air temp, humidity, intake system, MASS airflow sensor and intercooler efficiency can all affect the performance of the system. We tested a naturally aspirated Honda Civic with 110base HP on an 85 day with 72% humidity using just one Air Intake Chamber and found a 9% increase in horsepower. In this example we saw an intake temperature of 38 and that is just with an Air Intake Chamber. Other tests have produced horsepower increases in excess of 40 degress plus from heat soaked conditions utilizing our cryogenic components. What racer couldn''t use an extra 40 horsepower. Think about how your car performs on a nice cool fall morning…it feels more responsive and powerful. As the engine heats up it loses horsepower and becomes a little sluggish…What we have created is a way to give you that cool fall morning on demand and eliminate power robbing heat soak!!

    How do you activate the system?
    The Tank and Installation Kit comes with 3 switches. The toggle switch arms the system to where you can activate the solenoid with either the push button or the full wide open switch. Some people simply activate the solenoid directly to the toggle switch and activate the system going into the staging lights and let it flow until the end of the pass. You can use the activation method that best suits your needs.

    Is this like Nitrous?
    No, nitrous oxide is an oxidizer which actually adds oxygen into the intake charge. We are simply cooling the intake charge to help reduce the effects of heat soak and provide a denser intake charge. Since we are only cooling the air, this system is much less likely to do serious harm to your motor.

    I have nitrous, turbo, supercharger, etc. can I still use CryO2?
    YES, the system is compatible with all of the above. Think of it this way; is your car compatible with a cold fall morning?

    Can I use my old nitrous bottle with this system?
    A nitrous bottle is very similar but the nitrous valve is different from the CryO2 Tank valve and the filling station will not be able to fill it with CO2. If you want to use nitrous to charge the system that will work fine, just make sure the bottle has a siphon tube in place so the liquid nitrous is drawn up from the bottom of the bottle

    Where do I get my tank filled?
    Welding or medical gas suppliers are a great source as they have pumps and will fill the tanks properly. Paintball shops usually carry CO2 but usually charge more and rarely ever use pumps to fill so your tank will not receive the full amount pressurized CO2. It has also been reported to us that some beverage distributors fill CO2 tanks because that is what charges beverage dispensing machines.

    What is the ideal CryO2 installation?
    Every vehicle with a combustion engine benefits from cooler denser air and fuel temperatures. That is where our cryogenic system comes into play. The system can be set up in any firing order as long as the intercooler sprayer is the last component in the series. Most installations start with an Air Intake Chamber leading to a Fuel Bar and eventually venting to the atmosphere through an intercooler sprayer. Utilizing all three CryO2 components will greatly lower air and fuel temperatures. But not every vehicle is equipped with forced induction or an intercooler so here lies the beauty of the DEI system, our system can be pieced together to fit your needs and your budget with ability to be expanded at will. Our customer installs range form mild to wild. Some utilize just one CryO2 component while others use multiple component to maximize the cooling power of the system. Recently we have introduced our line of Purge Valves for use with any installation as either a vent for the CO2 or to just grab attention by blasting CO2 out of a desired location on a vehicle.

    What CryO2 components do you need to run the Purge Valve separately?
    DEI offers complete Single and Dual Purge kits that include all the parts necessary for a basic installation. Some additional components maybe required for different installation options. We recommend adding a separate Push Button Switch (part # 080232) providing a separate device to activate the Purge Valve solenoid independently from other CryO2 components. Depending on desired Purge Valve mounting location, additional braided hose lengths may be required.

    Can I use just the Purge Valve and not the complete purge kit?
    Yes, you can use the Purge Valve assembly without the complete kit. If your installation does not include an Intercooler Sprayer a Purge Valve can be used as a vent when the CryO2 system is activated. This installation will eliminate the need for a vent cap, however, an additional length of braided line may be needed. This is a very popular way to vent the CO2 because it not only vents the CO2 to the furthest point, but it also supplies the dramatic and much desired purge effect. Many have used the Tank and Installation kit with just the Purge Valve Assembly to achieve the purge for show and attention. These installations can be easily upgraded when ready to add components.

    How long will a 10 lb. tank last?
    It will last between 2 and 3 minutes if you just sat there with your finger on the button but that would not be good for the solenoid valve. This is a drag racing technology right now and we regularly get 5 or 6 passes out of a bottle of CO2.

    How much does CO2 cost?
    CO2 can be found for around $1.00 per pound, 4 to 6 times less than nitrous per pound.


    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  I got a '99 new beetle 1.8T we race,whaat I badly need is a cry02 sprayer 8"x6" with the piping(hose),necessary pump,swith,mounting hardware to the IC front & a spare tank.If this complete enough & makes sense pls. let me know the price tag plus any suggestion,info & advice.Thanks.giorgio.
    ANSWER:  You need the Item number 80102 with 10 lb tank install kit ($393.33) and the Item 80131 8" x 4" intercooler sprayer ($85.33)
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