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CryO2 Cryogenic Air Intake 2.5`` O.D.

The CryO2 Air Intake segments mount right in the airstream using silicone sleeves. The CryO2 Air Intake consists of an aerodynamically designed bulb with a cryogenic chamber which is mounted in a 4" segment of air tube. The air passes over the bulb, heat is removed from the air charge resulting in a colder, denser, more powerful charge. Dyno testing showed a reduction in intake air temperature of more than 50 degrees. The CryO2 Air Intake can be used on turbocharged, supercharged or naturally aspirated applications. Multiple units can be used for colder results. Installs in minutes and comes with silicone connection sleeve, hose clamps and connection / vent hose.

Item no.080111

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    DEI Cryogenic Air Intakesâ„¢ FAQ

    What does the CryO2â„¢ Air Intake do?
    It cools the in coming air into the motor. A cooler more dense intake charge will result in more horsepower and torque. This item works very well for turbocharged or supercharged applications.

    Where do I put the CryO2â„¢ Air Intake segment?
    You put it inline with the intake filter and throttle body. On turbo or supercharged applications, you can position the intake segment to be before or after the turbo, or both at the same time! The kit has the hose clamps to meet up with your existing intake setup.

    How do I know what size to get?
    Take a measuring tape to your current intake and measure the outside diameter of the tube. That measurement will specify which version of the CryO2 Air Intake you will need, it should be pretty close to 2.5” (PN # 80111) or 3.0” (PN # 80110)

    Can I use this in conjunction with Nitrous or with Forced Air Induction?
    Absolutely! When used with nitrous, turbocharger or supercharger will usually see even more gain usually.

    What if my intake is special and I just need the bulb?
    Don't fear! Part Number # 080119 is just the intake bulb and legs. You can have the aluminum legs TIG welded to whatever custom intake setup you have.

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