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Radiator Relief 32 oz.

  • Reduces engine temperatures up to 30°
  • Newly formulated with a corrosion inhibitor
  • Now with anti-foaming agent
  • Reduced pre-existing scale build-up
  • Compatible with water and all types of antifreeze products
    Item no.040104
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  • MSDS Safety Data Sheet

    DEI Radiator Relief™ FAQ

    What does Radiator Relief™ do?
    Lowers operating temperatures as much as 30 degrees. Provides upto 50% quicker warm up time with corosian inhibitor that in more horsepower!

    Is this product compatible with anitfreeze?
    Yes! Radiator Relief™ is safe to use with just water or any antifreeze product.

    How much is a bottle good for?
    A single bottle is capable of treating up to a 15-quart system.

    Do I have to flush out my system to add this?
    It isn't necessary to flush the system on a newer vehicle, but we recommend using DEI Radiator Relief FLUSH™ to thoroughly rejuvinate the system on higher output vehicles. The NEW Radiator Relief™ can be added right to the coolant system. Just drain a quart to make room for a single bottle and add any additional water to completley refill the radiator or radiator reservoir.

    How does it work?
    The unique physical properties of DEI Radiator Relief™ provides the following benefits- the addiditve itself has a viscosity of 33 percent less than water, reducing the resistance to heat transfer. This allows the heat of combustion to move from the cylinder heads and cylinder bores into the coolant with less resistance where the encapsulated heat is released to the core tubes quicker when it reaches the radiator.

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