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CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit w/10 lb.Tank, Install Kit & 16`` x 5`` Sprayer

CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit:

  • Lowers air temperatures by as much as 35%
  • Improves intercooler efficiency by as much as 50%
  • Non invasive system
  • Ability to run more boost safely
  • Straightforward easy bolt-on installation
  • CO2 is substantially less expensive to refill than nitrous
  • Everything required for improved cooling for more power in one kit
  • Optional CryO2 Timer Switch available for automatic on / off pulsing
  • CryO2 Water Sprayer is available for greater I/C efficiency

    Each CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit includes a 10 lb tank, mounting brackets, 14' stainless steel braided feed line, full WOT and arming switches, momentary push button, all necessary fittings, electrical & hardware pack, cryogenic solenoid valve, front-mount intercooler sprayer & high-quality long-lasting stainless steel zip ties for securing the sprayer. Everything needed for a simple and straightforward installation in one kit.

Item no.080108

Retail: $541.42 (PLUS shipping)

weight: 19 lbs. 

The concept is simple an intercooler increases power by cooling charged air as it flows toward the intake. Therefore any improvement in the cooling efficiency of the intercooler produces greater increase in power output.

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) a leading aftermarket supplier of thermal tuning products and cryogenic intake systems has just introduced a variation of it's SEMA Award winning CryO2 cryogenic cooling technology with it's new Intercooler Sprayer Kit.

Using the super cooling properties of carbon dioxide (CO2), the kit improves air-to-air intercooler efficiency by up to 50%! That means a cooler, more powerful intake air charge for improved engine performance. This non-invasive system is designed to dramatically reduce the temperatures that affects the horsepower output of an engine. The bottom line? A boost in horsepower at a cost substantially less than that of nitrous.

For turbo or supercharged systems, the CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer mounts directly to the front of the intercooler and vents CO2 directly on the cooling fins. This enhances the thermal transfer ability of the intercooler for greater efficiency. The system can be configured to be activated by either a full WOT micro-switch or controlled manually with a momentary push button.

DEI Intercooler Sprayer FAQ

Where is the Intercooler Spray placed in the CryO2 system?
It must be the very last item in the CryO2 system because the CO2 is sprayed directly onto the intercooler. The gasses actually enter the atmosphere at this point.

How does this unit mount to the intercooler?
The unit uses Stainless Steel Zip-Ties which go through the fins of the intercooler to hold the unit in place. Stainless steel will never rot or rust.

Can I use multiple Intercooler Sprayers?
Yes, but it would require you to split the feed line into two and use a fitting. Extra Stainless Steel hosing will be required.

What style and sizes are available?
There are 2 styles and 3 different sizes. You can choose either a top mount or a front mount style which will determine where the 1/4" NPT threads are placed on the intercooler sprayer. You can choose the top mount or front mount style on the 16" x 5" or 8" x 4" intercooler sprayers. The larger 19" x 9" intercooler sprayer is only available with the front mount style configuration.


The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  dO YOU Have motorcycle kits for this?
ANSWER:  These are universal. The only motorcycle specific kits we have are nitrous.
QUESTION:  I have a 06 chevrolet cobalt ss supercharged. And the intercooler I have as you might know is not a air to air intercooler. Its a air to coolant intercooler. Can I use your system on this particular intercooler? To cool the coolant going through my front mount intercooler?
ANSWER:  Hello, Yes you can our system works great on air to air or air to water intercoolers!
QUESTION:  Will this work (be efficient) with a air to water setup?
ANSWER:  If water were allowed to contact a cooling bulb it would freeze instantly to the surface, destroying its efficiency and very likely causing large chunks of ice to travel deep inside your engine and cause tremendous damage. Please read the category description carefully. This equipment cools intake air by passing it over a cooling bulb and sprays CO2 at -180F directly onto the intercooler radiator. Do not use this equipment in conjuction with any sort of water injection system.
QUESTION:  so is there any way i could get this to spray on or into the intake instead of just having it mounted on intecooler and just get a bigger fuel pump
ANSWER:  You cannot spray CO2 into the intake - it will not burn, the engine will just shut off. The purpose of the system is to SUPERcool the INTAKE AIR so that the engine makes more power. Spraying it on the intake manifold would not cool the air sufficiently to make any difference. You send the CO2 through a cooling bulb placed directly in the intake and vent the CO2 to the outside atmosphere after it has cooled the intake air. With the intercooler, you are shooting CO2 directly onto its cooling fins, keeping it from exceeding maximum temp. By doing this, you can run at high horsepower levels for a longer time without destroying your turbo charger. This system works, virtually all diesel dragsters use it to keep from destroying their engines and turbos.
QUESTION:  ok so this will add more horses right?and will i need to change anything like fuel pump or anything. i want boost but with nos i have to change piston and such. turbo pratically rebuild motor. 3.1 v6 grand am
ANSWER:  No modifications are necessary to the engine. This system simply supercools the air. Being far more dense, the air contains more oxygen per unit of volume. This creates a great deal of horsepower. WAIT, there is more. Since you are using it to cool both the intake air AND the intercooler, it greatly extends the life of the turbocharger and allows you to put out higher power for extended periods of time. Perfect for when the job just has to get done and you need the extra time and power to accomplish it without wrecking your equipment!
QUESTION:  Will this work for an automatic Chevy Cobalt LT? CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit w/10 lb.Tank, Install Kit & 16" x 5" Sprayer with CryO2 Dual Purge Kit (w/ hose and Solenoid Valve) If I wanted to could I take it to an auto shop for them to do it?
ANSWER:  Yes, we would recommend you having it professionall installed.
Email questions to: Service@1FastCar.com
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